Creator Interviews and Remembering Passion

One of the prerogatives of blogging is to always reconsider everything you publish. “Should I keep writing this series, or should I move on to something else?”

The Audience

Image Used under Creative Commons. Thanks to Acumen Fund.

Blogging is an interesting vacuum. I come from a performance background, so I’ve always been able to look out into the audience and see if they’re into the show. Blogging is a different beast. You publish an article, and it may get a retweet or a “like” or a +1 (for all you Google Plussers out there). But that obvious sign of approval may not come right away. You may not get the exact traffic that you were hoping for.

So what do you do about that?

Of course, there are tons of marketing ideas that we could bandy about here, but my focus in this article is to simply say this: write about your passions.

Even if only a few people would ever read your material, would you still be interested in writing it?

I was recently listening to an interview with a comic book writer on iFanboy, and it reminded me how much I love hearing about / reading about artists’ processes. I feel like I always learn something after every interview by peering into the minds of creators I respect.

On Atypical Tales, we’ve done quite a few interviews with indie creators, and I’ve loved connecting with these directors and producers to hear how their minds work. But I’ve also wondered if readers were as interested in the discussions as I am. Will people flock to these articles and grow the site’s traffic numbers?

While I was listening to the iFanboy interview, I came to a realization. I don’t care about the numbers in this matter. I am inspired by talking with other artists, and I hope my discussions with these creators will give them a boost in audiences’ interest in their projects.

And before I go, here is another interview that recently inspired me — this time with The Boss: Bruce Springsteen. Read the interview, and then be sure to check out Springsteen’s amazing work on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.


  1. Karen says

    Hi Michael,

    I hope you do keep at it! I, too, love to hear and read what other creators are doing, what inspires them. Did I miss something or did you not link to the Bruce interview?

    Thank you!